2 sep. 2007

Nuevos remasters de Peter Hammill

El 3 de septiembre Virgin editará los últimos cuatro remasters de Peter Hamill, Sitting Targets, The Love Songs, Skin y And Close as This.

Las listas de temas son:

Sitting Targets (1981): Breakthrough, My Experience, Ophelia, Empress's Clothes, Glue, Hesitation, Sitting Targets, Stranger Still, Sign, What I Did, Central Hotel.

The Love Songs (1984): Just Good Friends, My Favourite, Been Alone so Long, Ophelia, Again, If I could, Vision, Don't Tell Me, The Birds, This side of the Looking-Glass.

Skin (1986): Skin, After the Show, Painting by Numbers, Shell, All Said and Done, A Perfect Date, Four Pails, Now Lover, You Hit Me Where I Live (bonus track).

And Close As This (1986): Too Many of my Yesterdays, Faith, Empire of Delight, Silver, Beside The One You Love, Other Old Cliches, Confidence, Sleep Now.

Gracias Classic Rock Society por la info :-)

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