6 abr. 2008

DVD en vivo de Ken Hensley

Se anunció el lanzamiento del Blood on the Highway, el nuevo DVD en vivo de Ken Hensley. Entre otros, participaron como invitados Eve Gallagher, Jorn Lande y John Lawton.

La lista de temas de Blood on the Highway es:

DVD1: Just The Beginning, We’re On Our Way, Blood On The Highway, You’ve Got It, It Won’t Last, Think Twice, There Comes A Time, Okay (This House Is Down), What You Gonna Do, Postscript, I Did It All, The Last Dance.

DVD2: Out Of My Control, Brown Eyed Boy, Circle Of Hands, The Wizard, Free Me, July Morning, Rain, Stealin’, Easy Living, Lady In Black, Gypsy.

Aquí, tres clips con los temas 'We're On Our Way', 'Blood On The Highway' y 'Lady In Black':

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