18 oct. 2009

Caja de videos de Genesis

El 9 de noviembre se lanza The Movie Box, la colección de DVDs en vivo de Genesis que concluye la serie de reediciones de la banda inglesa. El box set contiene 5 DVDs con nuevas mezclas en 5.1 (Dolby Digital y DTS) y presenta por primera vez a The Mama Tour y Three Sides Live en DVD. Como sucedió en la caja anterior Live 1973-2007, se incluye en la caja el espacio para guardar el DVD When in Rome.

El contenido completo de The Movie Box es:

DVD1 Three Sides Live: Behind the Lines, Duchess, Misunderstanding, Dodo/Lurker, Abacab, No Reply At All, Whodunnit?, In the Cage (Medley), Cinema Show, Slippermen, Afterglow, Me & Sarah Jane, Man on the Corner, Turn It on Again. Extras (sólo audio): Behind the Lines, Duchess, Me & Sarah Jane, Man on the Corner, One for the Vine, The Fountain of Salmacis, Follow You Follow Me.

DVD2 The Mama Tour: Abacab, That's All, Mama, Illegal Alien, Home by the Sea, Second Home by the Sea, Keep It Dark, It's Gonna Get Better, In the Cage, Cinema Show, In That Quiet Earth, Slippermen, Afterglow, Drum Duet, Turn It on Again (Medley), Everybody Needs Somebody (To Love), Satisfaction, Twist and Shout, All Day and All of the Night, Baby Let Me Take You Home, Karma Chameleon, Every Breath You Take, Pinball Wizard, In the Midnight Hour, Turn It on Again. Extras: 'The Mama Documentary by Phil Collins'.

DVD3 Live at Wembley Stadium: Mama, Abacab, Domino (Part 1. In The Glow of The Night), Domino (Part 2. The Last Domino), That's All, The Brazilian, Land of Confusion, Tonight Tonight Tonight, Throwing It All Away, Home by the Sea, Invisible Touch, Drum Duet, Los Endos, Turn It On Again Medley (Turn It On Again, Everybody Needs Someone To Love, Satisfaction, Twist & Shout, Reach Out and I'll Be There, You've Lost That Loving Feeling, Pinwall Wizard, In the Midnight Hour, Turn It On Again, Do the Neurotic (credits). Extras: Visible Touch.

DVD4 The Way We Walk: Land of Confusion, No Son of Mine, Driving the Last Spike, Old Medley (Dance on a Volcano, Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, The Musical Box, Firth of Fifth, I Know What I Like, That's All, Illegal Alien, Follow You Follow Me, Fading Lights, Jesus He Knows Me, Dreaming While You Sleep, Home by the Sea, Hold on My Heart, Domino (Domino Principle, In the Glow of The Night, The Last Domino), The Drum Thing, I Can't Dance, Tonight Tonight Tonight, Invisible Touch, Turn It on Again.

DVD5 VH1 Behind The Music: Documental.

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